Built on 50+ years of industry experience, with operations exclusively in Southwest Florida. Panther brings wallstreet to mainstreet.

Why Panther is the perfect New Construction partner for you?

Turnkey delivery

Investor friendly

Investor grade materials

Institutional experience

ROI driven

Proven track record

Turnkey Single Family Rentals

We provide full vertical construction, management and maintenance for a true turnkey real estate investment.

Panther Single Family Rentals

Panther provides full-cycle real estate acquisition, construction, and management services. We work exclusively for a small set of customers that are investment minded and value single family rentals.

How we build our new construction homes

Panther is built by investors for investors that understands the needs of modern renters, providing quality and well thought homes.

Investor design quality

We understand rental investments and have designed each home with this detail.

Energy efficiency

Hurricane impact glass, LED lighting, insulated air ducts and durable lvp flooring.

High comfort

Modern built homes for modern renters that require open space and convenient styling.

Efficient Operations and Cutting-Edge Technology

Panther Management leverages advanced technology and streamlined processes to ensure efficient property management operations. From seamless rent collection to effective maintenance coordination, we utilize innovative tools and systems that optimize efficiency and minimize administrative burdens. Rest assured that your investments are being managed with the highest level of professionalism and precision.

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National Grant Program* provides up to 3.5%* down payment for FHA Financing.

Forgivable 2% or 3.5% Grant, No repayment, No Second Lien ( Most Borrowers Qualify)

Would you like to speak to an expert?